A visit to Tech Confex, part 3

Last but not least...I wanted to share with you my goodies.  I didn't get much - but I did come back with a little bit more than I went with. I'm not a real big "gadget person" - much preferring fabric to more gadgets I might just lose anyway.

First of all, as we walked around, people handed us literature. There were some paper bags filled with these things.


We got several bags of things handed to us and I didn't know what I had until I dumped the paper bags onto the table once we got home.


But here's what I would define as true "quilter's candy" or "sewist's candy".  Seriously! It came bouncing out of the bag when I dumped it out!


And the pens!  They were a really nice quality!


I did see a cute LED light that is supposed to attach to your  machine - very small but with 5 or 6 diodes - and you could play it wherever you needed it just around the needle area.  I guess quilters aren't the only people who need more light!  Since most of these machines were industrial machines, obviously light is needed for these workers as well! Unfortunately they didn't have any for sale there.


I did buy a few things. I found some 60 mm rotary blades - I bought 5. I also bought 2 small but pretty measuring tapes (150 cm). I asked them if they had any pretty but bigger ones and they showed me a pretty hot pink 3 meter measuring tape! 


The ladies who were selling at this display also had some Kai scissors.  They had other brands as well. I was fine with not looking at any individual pair of scissors since  I'm not really in the market - one of the ladies waiting on me told me she wanted me to hold a pair!  I tried to demur, but she insisted. And wow...I'm glad I did.  Taking a pair of those Kai scissors in my hand and just moving the blades - wow. They felt so smooth! Now I admit I'd like a pair! We'll see.

Anyway, that's it for today from my part of the world!  Have a great day!

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