QR Code Quilts - a trip down memory lane

Back before I started this blog - in 2014, in fact, I made two QR code quilts - for two of my children who got married that year.

Abby and Zachary's

Before my older daughter, Abigail got married, she showed me an Around the World quilt in a quilt shop and said that is the quilt she wanted for her wedding. I was actually surprised, as I expected her to go with something incredibly hard.  Thankfully she didn't.

It was the year before we got the fabric windfall, so my choices were far more limited than what would be by now (in the summer of 2015, my sis and I went together to buy a ladies' stash - this meant I now had more fabric than ever I could imagine - it's also what started us on the "Quilted Twins" experience),

09a - 2014 sm name.jpg

I made Abby's reversible. She and Zachary got married in October so I had plenty of time to make it. I think I had hers done by March - their wedding was much later in the year.

On the back side of Abby and Zachary's, I had this idea to try a QR code with a Bible verse and a memorial of the date of their wedding. This is what I did. 

039 sm name.jpg


I finished this one early, as I mentioned, - so early, in fact, that after I finished that particular gift, I had time to make my son, Timothy, and his bride, Claire, a smaller one. 

Tim and Claire's

This one wasn't reversible. My future daughter-in-law didn't exactly ask me for it, and it was a surprise so I didn't make it too big just in case they didn't really want it!  I knew they were going to be a state of "flux" in their lives for several years and I didn't want to burden them with things they might not want.

10 - 2014 sm name.jpg

They can both be read with a QR App on a smart phone. My phone reads both these quilts - so I know they "work".

Just in case technology changes (as we know it will) and these become so out of date that no one has any idea of what they say, I also embroidered what the message is and put it on the quilt.

It might be kind of fun to make one for the Quilted Twins warehouse store that would take a person to the website. What do you think?

It would be much smaller - and one people who walk up could scan -  they might think it is fun.


I had originally planned to tell you how to make one in this post, but I've decided to make that a part 2. For now, you can just "play" with these QR codes if you have a smart phone. If you don't have a QR reader, you can download a free app for your phone and then read what I wrote to my son/DIL and daughter/SIL on their respective quilts!

Don't forget to check out what my sis has for you over in the store. She's working harder than ever to give you the fabric you want and need at prices everyone can afford!