"Diamonds in the Rough"

It's time to show you another finish in the upcycled blues series. This was number 15 in the series. At the time I thought I was coming to the end.


I'm on number 24 or so by now. The "problem" of course is that I found more shirts - this time most of them are light.  Because of that I've had to go back to the drawing board to come up with some patterns and colorations that will use a lot of light blue - and still look nice.

IMG_6251 sm name ad brightness good.jpg

This is really just one block - and you can lay out these blocks in many different ways. This way was not the design I had in mind when I started. But because of the variation of patterns - and the design itself, I decided on this layout. It was much easier to see the design than what I originally had planned.

With the wind blowing and the light on the quilt, you can see the quilting texture here.

IMG_6406 sm name.jpg
IMG_6457 sm name.jpg

And the quilt roll.

IMG_6424 sm name.jpg

I did some meandering in the light and a straight line - free hand on the darks.  It was fascinating. I do like the texture I got on it as a result of this.


Here are a couple more up close.  You can see that I mixed freely - darks and lights. It was an experiment, actually, putting a medium in the middle of the lights or the darks. 

IMG_6445 sm name.jpg

Making the blocks for this was tedious.  Completely!  And not particularly fun as they were only 6" blocks and I needed a billion of them, it felt like.  However, when it came time to put the uninspiring blocks together, I was very pleasantly surprised and pleased! 

OK, not really surprised as I had the plan in front me with the Electric Quilt program...but I think you know what I mean. I was a bit amazed that something interesting could come from such blocks.

IMG_6415 sm name.jpg

The backing?  Oh yes...I almost forgot to include it. Here it is. It is fascinating to see the texture - in spite of the wild variations of color on the fabrics.

IMG_6302 sm.jpg

I did up date the pattern. It is here in case you don't have it.

And now you know! 

I trust you are having a great day wherever you are reading this!

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