Cultural: Polish spring flowers

One of the most beautiful things around us in Poland are the plentiful wild flowers and flowering shrubs that people have in their yards!

Here are some picture that my son has taken since he's been here in Poland. I wanted to share them with you! These came from my yard, though - not someone else's wild flowers or shrubs.

To see them in their full glory, click on the pictures underneath the big one. There are 9 here. 

Thank you, Timothy, for sharing these gorgeous pictures with all of us!


Here are some more - but these are ones I took - and I'm partial to forget-me-nots and lily of the valleys.  Enjoy. These are all in my yard!

I know that this isn't quilting. Not even a little bit.  But I hope I've added a little beauty to your day!

Have a great day, wherever this finds you reading!

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