Crumbs/Strings update

This weekend I decided to focus a LOT on the one I'm calling Shadowed Crumbs.  I made some crumbs blocks during the week in hopes of seeing enormous progress this weekend on putting the quilt together.

I have 22 more shadowed crumbs blocks ready to put together in a row but I'm waiting til I have the other 44 blocks made up so I can mix them up. I have quite a few with that very bright green in it and don't want them all in  just a couple of rows - I want them spread throughout the quilt.

Anyway, I now have 5 rows of 11 blocks - so I've used 55 blocks. I then have 22 more ready to go. I still need to make 44. I'm going to focus on these and try to get this one done next weekend. Putting it together is quite easy once the actual shadowed blocks are done.

Shadow Crumbs Strings On Floor
Close up of Shadow Crumbs Springs
Shadow Crumbs Springs Squares

Here are 55 crumb blocks - before I add the shadow!

Shadow Crumbs Springs Larger Squares

Here is the pile of 55 blocks before I put 33 together into three rows. I am saving the other 22 until I get all finished so that they will be all mixed up with the others. I will make next.

A crumb block

Here's a close up of one of the crumb blocks.

Four Blocks For Woven Star

I also made 4 more Woven Star blocks - 

Woven Star Squares Piled High

All of my woven star blocks in one pile. Still not enough to put them together yet. I want to have about 100. I have about 40.


And that's what I've been doing with regards to crumbs and strings this weekend!

Have a great day!

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