Charity Quilt Show - Quilts 111-120

Here is the pile!

This last stack is the end of the current push for charity quilts. OK, actually I finished these a couple of weeks ago and they've been at the church, all stacked up for a week and a half or so.  I had to get them all washed, dried and pictured before taking them over there.

IMG_2641 sm.jpg

And here is the gallery! 

I suppose you can tell which ones people sent me that were super duper special!  (They are ALL special, but you know what I mean.)

Yes, the stars, and yes, the Lone Star quilt!  I haven't made one of those yet - still want to - but I have quilted this one which started out enormous.

It shrunk somewhat when I washed it - but is still a wonderful size for at least a queen size bed.

I really do appreciate all of you who have helped me with these tops!  It makes it feasible for me to do something beyond charity quilts - and you know what happens when you work with even just backing this many charity quilts?  Yep, you get cut offs - or scraps - and you know what that means? fodder for more 2" strip quilts!

And here are the piles at church. They are enormous! To the best of my knowledge there are about 170 quilts in these piles!

IMG_2744 name.jpg

Here'a video that will help you understand and see them better close up.

Sometimes a video is worth more than a thousand words!

These are the last of the 120 charity quilts I've finished recently. 

It doesn't mean I won't be making any more charity quilts this year - but these are the finishes that I've felt obligated to finish. Later this year when it is warmer, I'd like to make or put together another huge batch of tops so I can do some more "binge quilting". If you have a top you'd like to contribute, I'll take it!  Seriously.

I trust today is a wonderful day, wherever you are reading this!

Don't forget to check out what my sis has for you over in the store!  I'm sure she has something you can use for your projects!

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