2018 Charity Quilt Show - Quilts 1-10

Here are the first 10 in a pile on the rug that I use for everything in my living room. 

Here are the first 10 in a pile on the rug that I use for everything in my living room. 

Here are the first ten charity quilts!  I'm going to show them 10 at a time just so you can see better what I've been working on so hard since January - well, really, since late December when my daughter started helping me sandwich them.

If you've been reading here much you might have seen other pictures showing them piled high, working on the binding, or being sandwiched. Now it's time for you to see them finished.

It's kind of nice for me to sit back and just look at them as well. Sometimes I get so busy actually just making them and finishing them that I haven't taken the time to just sit and look at them!  Now I can!

Now these are pretty much all similar except for the stars one. The stars top was made in entirety by one of my members of the Facebook group I have - and she graciously gave several tops for me to finish. I am so happy to have them as they will be well loved!

The other centers were all made by my friend in Arizona.  To be honest, some of them were actually bigger tops, which I cut apart to make 4 of those ATW (Around the World) centers. There were times my friend had sent me large ones - like a double size  - but the theme was a kid's theme.  I didn't see the need for big quilts with a small child theme, so I started by taking them apart at seams to make 4 smaller centers.

I have since shared with her what I did, and she is keeping the big ones with more adult friendly fabrics and sending me the single ATW centers which I can add borders to and make into a European single as I call it.  I call it this because these are the size of the duvet covers that people often buy for children or singles - about 140-150x200 cm This makes roughly a 60x80 quilt. It's large enough for most kids and young people even or singles.  Anyway, it is the standard here. I found if I made them too big, people didn't know what to do with them.

Anyway, I also took them to the church building and put them away after I got all the pictures.

Here you can see how nicely these all fit in the back of our "new to us" Ford Galaxy minivan.

IMG_0758 sm.jpg

I wanted to get them moved on out quickly after I had them all washed because we have cats who seem to love freshly washed quilts and that kind of defeats one of the purposes of my washing each quilt before I take it to the church building to wait for the new owner.

So there you go.  If you have sent Rachael tops for me to quilt up, it will probably be in this year's charity quilt collection as I have been working hard to get completely caught up with these.

Every part of this project takes time. Even taking them to the church building and carrying them up the stairs and putting them in the pile. I really can only easily carry about 5 at a time. My young people helpers have all gone off to college, so I'm kind of on my own.  So this afternoon, I took pictures of 20 of them and then took then took them all and got them out of my house! 

It feels great!  But I really need to go and make some more labels. I'm running out and it's going to be a problem tomorrow if I don't get at least a few made today.


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