"Positively Scrappy" - upcycled blues top #18 finished

Here is is. My bonus top. I hadn't planned on this one until I saw exactly how many misc. pieces I really did have left over from my first 17 tops. Well, I'm still working on number 16, so really from from the first 16 tops (I had 1-17 done minus number 16 which is under construction.)

So I decided to make yet another upcycled blues top. 

I know. It feels like I should be done with these. But I'm not.

I've still got pieces here and there but I'm getting really close to closing the boxes up. 

If it were a marathon, this would be one of the better amateurs coming to the line, a good bit after the proessional runners were all finished.

IMG_0786 sm name.jpg

It is really a very simple "use up the odds and ends" type of quilt top - with the sashing blocks and cornerstones making it special. The main blocks are really just plain squares.

And so it was quite easy to make. Ridiculously easy.

IMG_0801 sm.jpg

I can't wait to get to quilting this one--I may quilt this one first of all the upcycled blues!  

IMG_0795 cropped.jpg

Anyway, here's the pattern in case someone wants it or can use it.

           As to where I am on my charity quilt project - this is my current white board - and you can bet I'm beginning to get a feel for the finish line. I'm like a horse heading for the barn on the way home from a road trip.       


Just in case you need some more blues for your current projects, my sis has a lot of them!

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