2018 Charity Quilt Show - Quilts 11-20

I am working feverishly, almost, to finish up these quilts in a timely way so I can focus on some family and friends quilts.  But I set my goal high for the year - 120 charity quilts - and I decided to do them FIRST this year before I finish up any other quilt tops I have. And I have a lot of those I hope to finish.

Here are numbers 11-20. I have already taken these over to the church building and put them away - out of the house.  The cats can't have access to those nicely cleaned quilts and I have room for the next batch in my living room!


And here they are in a gallery form. The last two pictures are showing you some of the backings in their usage since I don't usually take pictures of the backs of these quilts.  But I love the fabrics a lot and so I wanted to share with you what they look like.

The stars one was a donated top - at least the center was donated. I think we added to it to make it larger to get it to a European single size. And that fun log cabin was also given to me. I loved them both and made sure I free motion quilted them.

The brown/green and navy quilts are based on some cheater fabric that my sis and I made into men quilts. Why? Well we found out that they love these dark colors and I never have enough. She came across this fabric and donated a lot to me - and we cut it into panel size segments and used it up in these charity quilts. You'll see a lot of those.

Once again, the Around the World (ATW) top centers were donated by my friend in AZ who sews constantly for us.  She is a 70 something year old lady with a heart of gold. I appreciate her so much! I added the borders to them to make them the size I need.

And here they are - in position in the church building until I give them away. This way they can rest out of my way in my house AND the cats can't get to them. Plus, we've been giving them away there, so they are close to the point where they will be distributed!

IMG_0771 sm.jpg

And now you know.

Have a wonderful day wherever this finds you quilting!

But don't forget...if you need something from my sister, be sure to order it today because it might not be around tomorrow!

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