The "Stone Soup" of quilt tops! My upcycled blues #17 progress report

If this quilt top doesn't get the title MishMash, it will definitely need to be called something like that.

I'm trying to use up many leftovers from the other upcycled blues tops that I've made.

Here I've just finished up another round of HST.  With this round, I've used up all of the leftover HST of this size.  I still have smaller ones - am thinking about how to use them.

I'm getting close to working on some 12" blocks. In those blocks, I hope to put some pockets, embroidered pieces and possibly some applique as well as leftover blocks - maybe put in a wonky setting.

This has been a fun top to make. I think I felt like I started with nothing - literally like the author starts out the story of Stone Soup - but then each round I look around and think, "What can I use?"

As I make my way around the center of this top, I'm trying to use up pieces that I already have and that have been unused so far. I've had to supplement, of course, with uncut pieces, though.

Here is the top so far.

At this point it is 62"x62". 

At this point it is 62"x62". 

Here is a close up of the center - 


After another light blue round, I'll be adding some larger blocks...and then I'll be very close to being done!  I'm taking this literally one round at a time. Yes, I do have a plan, but it is very fluid.

Here are some close ups of some of the labels that I've used.  I just cut the pieces all the same width - 6.5" (Why 6.5"? Because I have a ruler that width and it is easy to just use it to cut the pieces. It's that simple!) I made the depth of the pieces the size of the fabric on the back yoke - however big I could. This makes them all different sizes, naturally.  


And now you know!  This is where this particular top's progress stands. I've never made a top like this, so it's a new experience for me!

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