Fun! Fun!

Today I got a couple of things that will definitely help us/me in my projects!

blue fabric with underwater sea design on it with a variety of fish and dolphins

Remember when my sis and I had our trip to a fabric wholesaler here in Poland? We were on our way to a second place when we broke down (the van is still just sitting in our yard because my husband's surgery was right around the corner and we knew we didn't actually need two vehicles during his recovery as he can't drive.).  We were on our way to a second place located about an hour and a half from the first one. 

fabric in identical pattern of camo, only blue and white design, which gives an oceanlike feel.

We never made it. So, I ordered a couple of bolts to be used as backing for charity quilts. I'm gearing up for an assembly line process this fall - Oct/Nov. as I need to get 50 more done before the end of the year!  So, anything I can do to help it go faster is helpful to getting these finished.

What I've found is that the Polish people really do look at both sides of the quilt and when I can make them to be completely reversible, that is super nice. Sometimes I think they like the backs more than the fronts.  I've been wanting these for quite a while now and had planned on getting them when we went (but never made it).  There are a couple more I'd like to get, but I'm putting them on hold for now.

So, only two prints, but a total of 200 meters. Yikes. That's a lot of fabric!

Industrial-sized platform scale large enough to hold luggage on wooden floor with white wall background.

Then, I ordered a platform scale. It was just too hard to weigh suitcases and get an accurate measurement.

We're going to be having some guests here in the next year or so and I want to be able to fill those suitcases "full".  So, this is what I got. It didn't actually cost that much.


I guess it doesn't take much to make me have a fun day! But I'm excited about these items which will help me towards my goals!

And be sure to check and see what great things my sis has for you in the fabric section! Here are some of the wide backings she has!

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