Cultural: Differences between Florida, USA, and Poland, part 2

A guest post by Rachael Woodard - part 2

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1)      No one was carrying a drink cup. All those walkers mentioned in #2?? I don’t recall seeing a single one carrying a drink. Drink cups are so standard here now that bicycles have spots for them. All newer vehicles have 2 to 10 cup holders. I have 6 just for us in the front seat. Overkill, I realize, but still, you get the picture. 

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2)      Fences in the front yards throughout all the villages. A front yard fence is rare here. Most subdivisions ban front yard fences. Decorative and utilitarian ones were everywhere. It was abnormal if there was NO fence.

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3)      The incredible limitation of diet soda choices. We even went to a huge store called Carrefour. Drinks lined the walls of 3 rows within the store. However, it was primarily juices, water, tea and regular soda. I found only Pepsi Max and Coke Light. I didn’t even find a diet Sprite or any other product called “diet.” Evidently dieters drink water. (They drink tea, Rachael! )

4)      Large nests for storks. I had never seen one, and I found it fascinating that they have nests all throughout the villages in some part of the country.

Here's the view of the stork's nest as we drove by on the village roads

Here's the view of the stork's nest as we drove by on the village roads

The stork was home!

The stork was home!

5)      Plethora of McDonald’s restaurant. However, no other fast food chain was very popular. When I use the word “Plethora,” I do mean that in moderation. The ones that I visited were all modern with kiosks for self-help, beautifully kept, and packed with people. In our town, ours is beautiful, they just put in a kiosk, and no one is there. These pics show them pretty quiet - but that's because we felt funny snapping pictures in people's faces!

inside McD's.jpg
inside Mc.jpg

To be continued with part 3.

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