"Vacation" Report

Everyone back in Poland thinks I'm on vacation while I'm here. It doesn't matter that we told them we needed to go to a conference and some other meetings.  They all think we are vacationing.

 if they only knew!'

I've been organizing and sorting.


Taking pictures.


Entertaining my great nieces.  A little. It's been a while since I've spent extended time around very verbal "little humans".  I'm reminded why God gives them to the young.


Filling orders.



600 sm.jpg

Putting fabric back on the shelves.


You get the picture.

This is NOT what I'm doing.


And yes, I'm ready to get back to sewing again! 

Soon.  We go back to Poland on Monday, October 2. 

Yes, I'm ready. I usually am. 

But if you need something for your current project, don't forget to check out what my sis has for you. She is always trying to get you the best deal!

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