And away we go....

We're on our way back to Poland today.

bye USA.jpg

It's tough to say goodbye to loved ones - as usual. My dad used to say, "See you one more time -- here, there, or in the air." As Christians we do have a belief that helps us during the difficult goodbye sessions.

We are never sure (as is anyone) when we will see them again. But the comfort that God gives us in our hearts calms the fears and and gives assurance. It's really quite inexplicable actually.

But we must continue with our lives and we know that having company disrupts others' lives - and they need to 'get on' with their lives as well.

So, as we fly for the next 24 hours - actual flying time isn't that bad, but between airport time and to/from airports, it works out that long - please pray for us!  We appreciate you all and have enjoyed our time in the states.

My sis and her daughter - my niece - have been working hard at putting together some bundles for you!  Make sure you check them out!


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