Embroidery......I made a few for you

image from google images

image from google images

I enjoy doing embroidery - by machine AND by hand. 

I like it all.

I like looking at it.

I love doing it.

I started my first embroidery when I was about 13 I think. I used to embroider on those preprinted panels - remember those blue lines that you had to try to cover up so they didn't show?  I hated the look when I couldn't cover them properly. It was the beginning of my love for embroidery, however.

When I was exposed to counted cross stitch while in college, I jumped on it. I loved that fact that no lines were going to show!

I had a friend who did Brazilian embroidery, but I didn't have the funds to get started with supplies back then. My husband was working on his PhD and all money had to go towards that. So, I admired that from afar.

Then, in the last few years, I began to see machine embroidery. i don't know where I have been all this time - probably raising children in another country - but something clicked and I began to notice the beautiful machine embroidery around me and on the 'net.

Flowers for mom 1.jpg

Then, I was able to get a second-hand embroidery machine while in Poland!

I made mom a quilt that I titled "Flowers for Mom" back a few years ago.

I found these chalkboard designs on Embroidery Library - they actually have several different ones, but I like the fact that this is a Bible verse. It's a great reminder that today IS a good day to be rejoice.

12 red cropped.jpg

Embroidery Library has a statement on their site that we are free to sell things we make with their designs (just to let you know I read their policies!) so all is okay with the designer of the design itself.

I made up 5 of each background color with each part of the verse.

Proceeds for these are going to go to help my daughter's college bill.  She changed her major to engineering and has an extra 3 semesters as a result. This is expensive, as you all know college is. I'd like to help her however I can.

My sis and I had a discussion as to which one would sell out first. I had one opinion, but she had a different one. We'll see who knows best. I'll let you know.

14 collection.jpg

Here they are - 

The embroidery designs themselves are about 7"x9" and I left several inches of fabric on each side of the design so you could center and then trim as desired. These are the perfect size to make pillows with.

13 this is.jpg
14 we will rejoice.jpg

They are sewn on Polish cotton - red and black.  I prewashed both the red and black at least once. The creases are a result of the fold and haven't been "pressed" in.

16 This is the day.jpg
15 Let us rejoice.jpg

Each piece is $15 and will make a fantastic starting point for your project! AND you will be helping my daughter with her school bill!

So, you can go here and find them!


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