"Lightning Strikes" top finished

Number 63 top in my 2" series is finished.

I've named it "Lightning Strikes" - due to the zig zag nature of this design.

Zig-zag pattern quilt on wooden floor. Squares are arranged on quilt in a zig zag fashion four different times, giving the impression of lightning

I want to try it with 1 1/2" strips instead of 2" strips. I can't wait to try it in fact! It will be pretty intense to make - doesn't look like it should be, does it?  It's pretty deceiving! LOL. OK. Actually, "making the 9 patches" wasn't hard - but laying it out was a bit daunting. I kept checking my printed sheet for help.

close up view of quilt: reveals that quilt is made up of small block composing the 2 inch squares. 5 small squares make are inside one of the zig zag patterns. One miniture block at each corner of the 2 inch fabric square, and one in the center (giving a checkered look).

But before I attempt it with smaller blocks  I need to search around for more tan -  or maybe I'll try a different color way like gray and white - but I liked the "subtleties" of using tan and white as contrast

It took almost as long to actually put this together once the blocks were made as it took to make the blocks. Warning!




close up of quilt: those quilt blogs are surrounded with the color of the background of the 2 inch squares containing the miniture squares. The "lightning bolts" look very thin and skinny, but fleshed out with the background (extendiing the width of each bolt)

I have just run out of time for the pattern right now.

We are in the states at the moment and I didn't have enough time to properly (or even an attempt at properly) write up a pattern for this before we left.

However,  I should have it by the time I actually show a finished quilt!

If I heard from someone that they really wanted to make it, I'd have motivation to bump it to the top of the list of patterns to finish up.


That's it for now!  I hope you have a great day wherever this finds you reading! We should be traveling to Phoenix today - leaving from Denver.  

Be sure to check out what my sis has for you. She's been working hard to keep you with lots of new choices for fabrics!  She's working hard to try to save you money!




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