The Making of a Quilt, part 1

My sis is here and she must make a quilt.  Why? Well, she just needs to, that's why. She's part of a quilt exchange group and needs to make one as a gift.  

I knew she would have a hard time getting around to it there in FL with everything pulling her all different directions.  So, I was delighted when I found out for sure that she was going to come here for a visit.  

Making this quilt is my personal number 1 thing for her to do. So let me share with you what we've done so far.

While she was still in FL, I sent her pics of the fabrics I had that fit her need. She browsed the internet for simple ideas that she could tackle. We want to do some other things while they are here that involve things besides sewing, so I want her to get a good handle on this today and tomorrow. We are hoping to do a tourist day on Friday.

1. Decide on colors and pattern.

The two were pretty much decided on at the same time. She had lots of ideas in her file of ideas, but not were feasible with the time we have or with the fabrics we have available.

So, last night when she got in, and this morning, we laid out all the potential fabrics and had to make a decision about the colors for this quilt. She decided to go with "colorful". Our options were to go with colorful or to use a vintage look with browns/tans/off whites and golds.

Here are the fabrics lying on the mattress. It's kind of messy, but she was able to decide.

2. Lay it out in the Electric Quilt program.

I worked on it for her, and then let her finish it up while I worked on dinner today (we ate a big meal about 1 pm).  I also had to run to the store. She worked on it then. She wanted it way more exact than I make them, however, so she actually took pics of the fabrics and imported them into EQ - something even I haven't done! I usually just use what they offer me as their default.  I showed her how to do some basic things. I think it must be pretty intuitive for her, though, as she figured out how to import the pics while I was out in town. Most things seemed very easy for her to grasp.

3. Cut.

She had to cut. Here she is cutting. She's pretty slow....Yes....S...L.O.......W!  It's okay. We talked while she cut.

4. Fold the excess fabric. I almost forgot that. 

She was determined to fold the extra fabrics and put them back on the shelf where we took them out on Tuesday evening.

She was determined to fold the extra fabrics and put them back on the shelf where we took them out on Tuesday evening.

5. Sew.

She's sewing as I write this.  We're doing a pretty basic quilt in a sashed Streak of Lightning design. She's putting on the sashing now - and listening to something while she works. She's got one of our cats keeping her company.

And what else are we doing?

Well, we're showing them the two main books we show guests -  especially as we debate what we're going to be doing.

I want her to get this top done because I want to take her into Warsaw and visit some quilt shops that I've heard are there - and possibly a town a couple of hours away where they have some wholesale cotton fabrics for sale (the Polish designs I've bought.)

So...I'm kind of pushing her!  While she's doing this, her hubby and mine are working on some projects at the church building. Nothing major, just a bathroom job and a kitchen fix - which involves doing something to the wall.  LOL

More tomorrow! I'll keep  you posted on her progress as she makes a quilt from idea through completion!

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