"Hearts 'n Pieces" top finished

Number 59 in my 2" series using my my strips and squares.  I was able to use up quite a few strips in this quilt top as there wasn't any one fabric that I added to provide consistency throughout the pattern. In truth, the only fabric I used that wasn't pulled from my strips is the red border between the blocks and the piano key border.

Here are the hearts in a little bit closer look.

I know I made another one using hearts - but it was quite different. Remember it?

It was called Warm Fuzzies but I used a pixelated heart. This one isn't pixelated, however - instead, I left them in long strips. I like the look for this one as I've not put this kind of strip in any of these 2" strips quilts. Just in case you don't remember, this is what the hearts look like in Warm Fuzzies side by side with the hearts from this one.

The heart from  Hearts 'n Pieces

The heart from Hearts 'n Pieces

The heart from  Warm Fuzzies

The heart from Warm Fuzzies

The chain block is once again a double Irish chain block - scrappy of course. So, the pattern shows 3 blocks.  The piano key border was just what it needed to finish it off!

When I work with a chain block, I like to do them in odd numbers so the chain is complete - so 3, 5, or 7 across. Seven blocks across would  have been enormous - so I shrunk it back to 5 and added the piano key border to get it to the size I wanted

. If you need a huge quilt, go ahead and make it 7x7 - it would measure - 115.5"x115.5" without the piano key border!  See what I mean about enormous? I usually aim for a queen size with these quilts - not a big king!

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Use, Enjoy. Share.  I hope it helps someone use up their scraps into something beautiful!

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