Strings/Crumbs project update

Well, this week was terribly difficult to settle down and really focus. I will blame it on my husband's upcoming and then aftermath of his surgery.

squares cut.jpg

All I did for my next strings project is cut some bigger foundation blocks and sewed up 5 of them.  I haven't even trimmed them down at all yet!




This will be for my next string quilt, but I've not completely decided exactly what that is going to be. I've had a plan, but not sure I'm really like my Strings 3 top -so I may tweak it a bit to get it to where I like it more than I do. In the meantime, I can continue to make string blocks until I do decide.  For these, I'm using a fabric foundation.  Maybe for the next ones I'll use paper.


I do not know for sure how many of these I need, but I'm going to try something this week to see if it works.

Do any of you ever make these strings blocks straight up and down or do you always make them on the diagonal? I'm actually thinking the idea I have would work best with up and down string blocks.

I'm asking for mercy. My husband had a knee operation this past week and I've been primary taxi driver, maid and general errand girl. He really isn't very demanding, but he can't do too much by himself yet.

Here he is with his doctor - Dr. Deszczynski - and the surgery was an arthroscopic knee surgery plus two other procedures - one which was decidedly NOT arthroscopic and one called inserting lipogems into the knee cap.

This is how the knee and just under the knee looked the day after the surgery.

This is how the knee and just under the knee looked the day after the surgery.

I have been sewing when I have had a chance. In fact, I've finished a couple of things that I'll be showing this coming week - but I had a terrible time forcing myself to spend much time on strings this weekend.

Other things/obligations/people were calling my name.  Maybe next weekend I'll get to it again.  But some time this week, I may need to make a strings block up and down - not diagonally to make it work, though.

Oh...and I did do these - but a complete explanation will come another day.  I took pictures all along the way so you can see what I did from the beginning.


I have this whole pile of unsorted scraps sitting on the right side of my machine where I've been piecing (my sis added to the pile!) - and because of the aforementioned operation this week, I was unable to focus well - so I decided to sew some of these scraps that are sewn to adding machine tape - something I started years ago and have let them sit.

So, here are some of my strips, ready to go into a quilt. I'm stilling deciding exactly what to do, though.


And that's all for now!  Hopefully next time I'll have a little more to show you!

Be sure to check out what my sis has for you over at the site!

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