"Native Splendor" top finished

Number 58 in my series of tops using primarily 2" strips and squares is finished!  

I made it entirely of bricks and squares and everything is from my bags of 2" strips. I cut the bricks into 2"x3.5" plus I needed some 2"x2" squares for the pattern.

The whole quilt is made up of only one block - so it is SUPER easy to make.  It is really one of those that you can make on a hot summer day because it didn't take too much concentration! OK, OK, it took more than one hot summer day -  it took parts of 4 summer days!

In the pattern itself, I put some other colors choices. This would be even more amazing if it weren't in scrappy. But my goal here, is to use my scraps.  I felt like I made some headway with my scraps with this one since it used so many of them!  Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your point of view) I STILL have 2+ large bags of 2" strips to use up. 

Soon I want to turn my focus from 2" strips, however, to using recycleds/upcycled fabrics for a while. I have some bins of fabric pieces - sorted by color - all clothing pieces in their previous lives that I want to tackle.

The pattern is here - and is a freebie. Enjoy.  When I finish this one, I'l update all the pictures. It won't be right away, though - it's just too hot to be quilting unless absolutely necessary

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