"Patchy Log Cabin" top

Number 57 top in my 2" series - done.

Desperate to use up some of smaller pieces of my 2" strips, I sewed many of the shorter strips together and used them as if they were one strip. This gives a rather patchy effect.  Am I thrilled with it?  Not particularly.  Is it a finished quilt top? Yes. Will it keep someone warm? When finished - yes.

I'm also not thrilled with how I did the actual log cabin blocks themselves, but I'll leave that for the pattern. If you are experienced at making log cabin blocks, you see my big "goof" right away. And if you don't see it right away, i t's only because I used that bright and light-ish lime green (not my favorite shade of green either - I prefer grass green!).

I think I suspected I wouldn't like this one very much from the beginning, thus choosing these colors and design. Maybe in other colors and such, it would actually be good. Is it possible I sabatoged my own efforts from the beginning? I'll have to think about that one!

A close up of one of the blocks. You can see the pieced together logs in some of the rounds.

A close up of one of the blocks. You can see the pieced together logs in some of the rounds.

I'll explain more what I did when I get the pattern out. In the meantime, folks, jet lag is real. It's very real and so is being older than I used to be!  The pattern on this one isn't done yet, but when I get it finished - I'll put it in the free patterns section. 

Here's a close up of the blocks, so you can see what I'm talking about about sewing strips together and using them as a single unit.

So, there you go!  

I hope someone can use the idea, if not the actual example, to inspire you to use up your scraps in a way that helps you.

My sis just got in a boatload of 108" wide backings. She is only asking $7.75/yard which is an insanely good price. If you need some - just check out what's she's got! And don't delay order now - if you see something you love - as there are no promises for more of this exact fabric.

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