Stack 'n Whack patriotic top

Just before we left to go to the states for that quick trip in July, I came across some blocks that were already finished. I believe that a lady from FL made them from whose daughter we bought a lot of stuff back in 2015.  The quilter has since passed away.

My sis, who sent them to me in a box, had attached a note...."You have more of this fabric in with your patriotic fabrics." So, like a good girl, I went to my patriotic section of my stash and sure enough, she was right!  I found some yardage - SOME - not a lot of -- this identical fabric. It was enough to make a border.

I sashed the blocks I had in order to make the top a bit bigger PLUS I wanted to separate those very busy blocks so that they can be appreciated individually.

Now, while I won't give it away as a charity quilt, I'm considering finishing it and giving to a veteran of the US military on THIS side of the ocean!

We'll see how it turns out when I'm all finished - but that's my plan at this point.

I've never worked with this type of block before and each one kind of "humps" in the middle. I'm thinking it isn't a significant amount and can be "quilted out" during the quilting process.

I almost had this done before our trip, but when I went to take a picture of it, I hated what I had for the corners - a 9 patch. It looked terribly tacky and fought with the spaced strips, so I took them out and put plain navy blue blocks in their spots. 

In the end, I'm pleased with how the top finished, and even more pleased that such beautiful patriotic (USA patriotic, that is) will be finished up.

I'm sure making this kind of block is time consuming. I've never done it.  

When I first saw this type of block on the internet, I wanted to make one. Since then, after seeing so many of them all squished together in a layout that makes me dizzy, I've changed my mind about making such blocks. This layout tames the craziness so that  I'm fine with it. But my fascination with the idea is mostly over. I have so many other things I'd like to make first!

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