My "goodies" from the USA

We arrived back in Poland on Sat. the 22nd of July after being gone just over 2 1/2 weeks. My husband needed to officiate at a wedding of a young lady from Poland - and she got married in the USA. This necessitated us going to the USA.  Due to our age and the cost involved, we decided to also visit a couple of supporting churches AND we were able to see my mom in FL and the Quilted Twins headquarters in FL as well.  

We were also blessed to be able to stay with our older daughter and spend time with each of our 5 children and the spouses of the three who are married.

But this isn't about that. This is about what I came back in my suitcase!

I'm sure you are just dying to see it all!

Because my sis here at the Quilted Twins gets destash stuff, she doesn't always even know what she has (shh!!).  Let me show you what I bought back. Most of it is from her.  However, I did go into 2 quilt shops to get the Row By Row patterns and of course, I bought fabric from them. I'll start there.

1. Row by Row patterns.  I only made it to two shops. 

2. Fabric from the same two shops. One was in Greenville, SC and one in Dade City, FL

I bought 1 yard pieces.  Of course I wanted more- but it was kind of pricey so I refrained.

3. Thread - my sister just had thread sitting around in containers. I took some. Unabashedly.

4. Plaids (mostly) from my mom. She wanted me to take it.  It will be used for charity quilting and most of it is 50/50 poly/cotton.

5. Scraps to go ahead and cut up into strips.

As I was sorting fabric, and measuring it for you some of it was lovely but very strangely shaped. I snagged some (!! yes, only some of it!) and put it in my suitcase to cut up for my collection of strips. Some of this is leftover from the three quilts my daughter and I (together) made that last week.

6. Clips for hanging up my quilts when I take pictures. I like these because they are extra big.

7. two new Fiskars 60 mm rotary cutters and 10 blades.  While I made my claim to Fiskars for their guarantee, I waited too late to do it, and I could see I wasn't going to get my new one before we left to return to Poland, so I bought two.  Plus 10 blades.

8. Fabric from the Quilted Twins shop.  My sis graciously let me go over and cut off some yardage. Thanks!  I was actually quite restrained!

9. Misc. pieces.  As I was sorting, there were some pieces that just sort of jumped into my bags. Sorry didn't get to buy I took them. My sis assured me that as long as they hadn't been processed yet (measured, pic taken, put upon the website) that they were okay to take. Once again, as big as this pile looks, I was quite restrained!

misc. pieces.jpg

10. Misc. rulers and yes, you see a Supreme Slider on the side.  My sis didn't know what that was and she said, "Take it!".  So I did.

11. 9 yards of 90-96" wool batting and 2 queen size Hobbs poly/cotton batting

12. Quick quilt starters.  These are pillow panels, or just panels or cheater quilt type fabrics to help me make up some tops quickly. Plus, some of them are so cute, they will be greatly loved!

And that's all folks!  I've left plenty for you to buy! Just check out all the new fabrics here! It is the most recent goodies she has put up! You will be sure to find something amazing!

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