This is number 52 in my series of 2" strips quilts. Finished!

The design made me think of the old fashioned tiled stoves that we find this part of the world in old, old buildings. We actually had several all white ones in our church building - when we first bought the building - a WW2 era building..  Maybe that's what made me think of it when I was playing around in Electric Quilt when I designed it.

Lots of piecing here, but it's only one block!!!

Lots of piecing here, but it's only one block!!!

I wrote about the top when I made it here. If you are really interested in this one, you can go back and read that post a well. I have updated the pattern with a couple of new pictures now that it is finished. It is here.

I did a simple straight line quilting on this one. It was not hard and solved my problem.  I really didn't think any quilting would show up at all - and straight line is the easiest, though not the fastest, for me to do.


I am trying to help you use up those scraps by sharing with you the quilts I'm designing in a way that is aesthetically pleasing to me.

There are lots and lots of scrap patterns around - but each person has a different "taste" as they design patterns. 

I like clear pattern lines and a bit of order to my scrappiness. :)  

Actually, I'm making these because I have scraps--not because I am setting out to make "scrap quilts".  I simply want to use up my strips which are primarily leftovers from other quilts I've made and scraps I've gotten from others. I tend to add a constant for cohesion and "go for it".

If I end up not liking one I make, well, shrug, that's how life is. Not all meals we make are banquets and neither are all the quilts we make masterpieces. 

And that's all for today!

Have a wonderful day!

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