"Americana Stars"

I pushed and finished it!  

I pieced the back with navy and red and then a paisley that had red, blue and some gold/tan in it. I was pleased.  I didn't have that "perfect" backing for it - so I  "made one".  To be honest, I was pleased how straight I managed to get it on when it was finished!  (That's why I am showing it!)

I first wrote about this on Memorial Day, so if you want to know more about this one, check out that post. It explains about the pattern and shows individual blocks before I put them together.

I quilted it with stars and loops using some tan embroidery (poly) thread I have.

I use poly because it is strong. I have tried to use cotton to quilt with and I'm just too rough, I guess, because I just break it. It makes the quilting part extremely frustrating for me to have thread keep breaking.

Once I switch and use the poly embroidery thread (Isacord or Madiera, 40 wt.) I have no problems!  I love the slight sheen and the strength and I have a lot of it! I can get a 5000 meters of it for about $5 here in Poland),


This may give you a little better overview of how the middle of the quilt looks now that it is quilted. My husband told me that it's very nice! (He doesn't usually comment too much about them.)

And just to help it feel a little more like ole timey America, I placed it on this trailer that my husband has in our (very Polish) yard.

This was fun to make! I hope to make some more using some of my Americana fabric - I can't think of too many other good uses for it - I certainly won't use it for charity quilts and it is too nice to just let sit there!

And that's all for now. I trust wherever you are reading this, you are having a wonderful day!

If you need some fabric, make sure you check out the goodies my sister has for you. She even has some Americana fabric!