Big "thank you" gift announced

My sister wrote this - the "older twin". 

Everyone loves to be told "THANK YOU!".....

So, we're saying, "THANK YOU" by giving away a "Becky sewn and quilted quilt" at the end of June.

EVERYONE can enter simply by ordering at least $15 of fabric, books, machines, quilts off website.

For every $15 you order, your name will be put into a jar over in Poland. (Becky is doing that part of it. Rachael is doing all the order fulfilling and keeping fabrics on the site.) If you order $30, you'll get 2 entries. If you order $45, you get 3 entries, etc.

Becky will fill her jar up during the entire month of June.

On July 1, she'll pick a winner from the jar, and we'll ship the quilt out to the winner, which we will post here!

(To all those concerned about the legalese, this is NOT a sweepstakes or a drawing, but rather a thank you gift to one fortunate winner.)

end of her "advertisement".

Rachael wanted to spice up her month of June while in Florida. Things can get a little quiet down there due to the heat and all - and she wanted to see if she could make things a bit more exciting! It sure would be fantastic if you won this quietly interesting quilt.  It is one I call "Made Ya Look" since you have to look close to find the details. It's full of "low volume" fabrics - just for  your perusing pleasure!

And yes, that is a Polish folk print that I used for the backing!

So, be sure to check out the goodies on the site. Rachael is adding to the site almost daily. Make sure you keep an eye out in the books, fabrics, and even machines and even quilts sections for new additions! She even made a new section for Americana fabric. Check it out!

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