"Ice Cube Prisms"

All finished.  This is number 46 in my series of quilts made from 2" strips and scraps.  (I'm actually up to number 55 in my tops, but haven't actually finished all 55 yet.)

This is a large one. The top finishes about 96" x 96".

This is a large one. The top finishes about 96" x 96".

To say I'm happy with it is a slight understatement. I'm delighted!  This is one of those that actually turned out much better than I had hoped when I designed it.

Here's a closer up:

I've updated the pattern with new pictures and it is here. I hope some of you can use it!

I did a simple loop de loop all over.  And here's another picture a little closer up yet.

This one is a real scrap buster, as are many, many of the ones I design. If you are wondering WHY I do this many - it's because I really do have this many scraps. I am not heading to the store to buy fat quarters in order to cut them up into strips.

Obviously the solid colored fabrics - the "constants" in these quilts are not scraps. I pulled from my stash - in this case, all three - burgundy, tan and the off white are all from my upcycled fabrics. But the rest are scraps. S.C.R.A.P.S.  

I hope you can make one too and awe your friends with it.  Or not.  Maybe make it just for yourself!  

And that's all for now from Poland! 


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