"Turnabout" top finished

Four years ago when my oldest son got married to a Nebraska girl, we were in Omaha, Nebraska for the wedding, where she is from. She's a Huskers (University of Nebraska football team) fanatic. Her whole family is, I observed!

While out there, I went into a local Walmart looking for some David Textiles fabrics for $1/yard which they had marked down at various Walmarts at that time - so I was on the lookout for it as we traveled around.

I noticed some Nebraska Huskers fabric -and I bought a half a yard of two different fabrics. Next time I do such a thing, PLEASE have my head examined! Why did I buy only 1/2 yard? Probably because I was feeling pretty poor that summer.  

This year I've really wanted to start to make all those quilts for family and friends that I've wanted to do. In the past several years  I've bought some special fabric for various people with special quilts in mind--usually themed. This is one of those. I determined that I really NEED to make this one and just got in the mood to make it. I wanted something simple - easy, and something that would allow me to maximize the use of this fabric and S-t-r-e-t-c-h it. So, I chose this pattern. I hoped to be able to make a statement with that one yard in spite of having so little.

Since she's got two little humans, I chose to use gray as the background fabric instead of white - plus with all that red, I wanted less chance of bleeding- I figured it would show up less with gray than white.

I made the top. I finished it and put it down on the floor in order to get a picture and I noticed that there is a little too much "puff" in the middle of the quilt.  Oh my.

I put the border on and pulled it too tight when I was sewing it on.  Because at times in years past, I've had problem with wavy borders, I've since made it a point to try to actually make the borders snug  - with this one, I put it on not using a walking foot, but putting the border on top and the main body of the quilt underneath..


There is simply too much fabric in the middle. I know, as a general rule of thumb, we aren't supposed to find fault or mention problems with our own work--especially on a website, but I wanted you to know that I saw this problem.

I am not dedicated enough to rip off the borders and start over, so that means I will get to try to "quilt it out".  We'll see. I'll take the challenge. I've never actually done this. At least I'm using polyester batting which is puffier than cotton.

This quilt is based on a variation of the block I used in Fractured Squares. It is a block where I could really make that special fabric go a long ways--a quarter log cabin block but I used a rectangle as the original block.

Before too long, I hope to have this quilted. Keep an eye out for that post.

I didn't tell my DIL that I'm making it, and it may or may not remain a surprise. I'm not overly concerned either way. She's quite busy, I'm sure, with being mommy to my two granddaughters!

Oh yes, I threw a few squares of that corn on the cob pieces - I only have one fat quarter of that beautiful fabric - and it doesn't really "go" (color wise)  with the rest of this quilt, so I went quite lightly with it. But with the Nebraska team being the Corn Huskers...how could I not include it?

I'll aim to have this pattern when I post the finished quilt.

I trust this one finds you having a great day wherever you are!

Here are some beautiful fabrics that my sis has for you! Feel free to check out what she has here!