"Clean Up 2" top finished

When I went on a rampage and sewed almost all the miscellaneous 2" strips sitting around my sewing room-- on the floor by my one sewing machine, in various nooks and crannies-- together into sets of 10 and then cut them into 2" strips of 10, I did a lot.

I planned on making the quilt called "Clean Up".  Then, I realized that I really did have lots and lots of these strips - almost enough for two quilts, in fact.  

I had the first design, but at the time I planned it, I tried it out "on point" as well. I liked it that way as well. It's just that when I do one design, then I'm tired of it and want to go on to something else.

However, since I had the strips already made up, I decide to push forward, use them and go ahead and make this one.

This one is quite similar to my first "Clean up", but the blocks are on point. As such, putting it together is a bit more complicated. I've also decided to just leave it the name as "Clean Up 2" as it is really the same block - just in an "on point" layout. With the black and white bordering the 10x10 blocks, you can use any color of strip, anywhere...the design will still show up just fine.  This was my purpose in making this one - I needed one that didn't matter light or dark, whites or blacks, colorful or "low volume". I really just wanted to "clean up" my sewing room at that point in time when I sewed these strips together. 

If you take a look at my patterns where I've used up these strips/scraps, many of them need carefully placed colors in order to make the patterns. Only a few have allowed me to just sew, willy nilly, combining whatever strips come to hand as I sew.

Construction of the blocks is identical to the first one.  Putting the borders on is not the same. In the pattern, I have put quite a few pictures showing you the steps I went through to put this top together and then to trim it down in order to put the white and black borders on the outside. I think the photos help and make it possible for you to make this quilt! Be sure to check it out. (It's free, don't worry.)  Because I've not actually finished the quilt to completion, the pictures only show the top. When I finish the quilt, as usual, I will update the pictures using a finished quilt.

This is number 55 if my series of quilts/tops using up my 2" strips.  

I'm trying to make a variety of styles and types of scrappy quilts - everything from complicated such as "DNA Wrap" and "Arapaho Roads" to simple such as "Quiet" and "Light 'n Dark". Stick around here for a while and you may find one you'd like to make. 

Someone asked me once if I was cutting up my whole stash into my strips bags. I choked.

The answer is a wholehearted, "No!".

I HAVE cut up some yardage (a few pieces) into strips that I am sure I will never use as yardage - but mostly it is because of what is on it - motifs I don't really want to support usually - and when you cut it into small strips, those motifs just become "color".  These are usually based on my own set of beliefs/values and nothing to do with the quality of the fabric  I'm not always sure how I came to having these pieces, but I can't stand the thought of throwing away perfectly good fabric, so I just cut it small enough until it no longer represents "that thing/person" I want no part of.

The pattern is here.  I hope you can use it!

I trust that wherever this finds you reading, you are having a great day, and if not, that it is better because you have spent time here!

Have a good day!

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