"Take a Break"


This was one of those quick and easy quilts anyone can make if you have 4" strips - the key to making this one work is the common color as the background. Any color would work - I wanted a clean simple look so I used white.

I wrote up about this one when I made the top here

I mentioned before how I didn't care for the top as much as I had hoped.  You all assured me that I would like it better after I got it quilted.  And I do.

Here are a couple more pictures of the quilting. I did straight line quilting on the white and lef the blue areas mostly empty and just quilted the edges of the blue. This creates a puffy look on the blue and a denser look on the white.  I like it.

I've updated the pattern with new pictures and it is here. It is more a "how to" than a regular pattern, however.