Cultural: "Corpus Christi" day

The 9th Thursday after Easter they celebrate the 'Body of Christ' day - that is, that the real body of Jesus is present in the bread during what we call 'communion' and that the wine is Jesus' blood - thus the name in Latin "Corpus Christi".

This year it is the 15th of June. It is a Catholic holiday and celebrated all over the country.

There are processions in all the towns around Poland, and many times roads will be closed to cars so that the processions can make their way. People walk to various shrines where they have prayer and say a mass. Children will spread flower petals on the way.

Sometimes people will be dressed in various folk outfits that differ by region here in Poland. 

photo taken from  here

photo taken from here

It is a public holiday here, so nothing will be open - no businesses, banks, government offices, schools, etc.  I believe the only places that can be open are small stores if the owner wishes to open up and work himself/herself. Gas stations are also open.

photo from google images

photo from google images

Since it is a Thursday here, schools are closed on Friday as well (like the U.S. does on the Friday after Thanksgiving). Many people take a long weekend from work and head out somewhere on a little holiday or to family members.

There don't appear to be any other traditions or food associated with this holiday, so people seem to have a relaxed attitude during this time.  School here goes until the fourth Friday of June, so kids are delighted to take a few days off before the last week or two of school! you know!  

(If you are Roman Catholic, you probably also celebrate this holiday - maybe not on the exact same day, but some time about now.)

Have a great day wherever this post finds you reading!

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