"Clean-Up" top finished

Number 54 in my series using my 2" squares.

I named it this simply because it is versatile. You can use any scrap/color, anywhere in the top. When  making mine, I literally grabbed any 2" square I could find near my sewing machine and sewed it into strips. I used it as a method of cleaning up around my sewing machine and on the floor, in various boxes and bags as well.  (Don't worry - I still have more!)

 I had seen a similar layout (not a pattern - a quilt) only without the black. I knew a lot of my scraps are light, so I wanted to create a bit more visual contrast and was afraid if I only used white, it might not be obvious enough. Thus, I added the black.  

A little different angle. You can see that this is a real scrap buster!

Here's the pattern just for you!  I knew you were going to ask!

Have a great day, wherever this finds you reading!