"Multi Pane Window" top

This is the third giraffe top I've made out of scrubs scraps.  

It's a simple Attic Windows block using the half square triangle technique in the corner instead of a set in seam. 

The main block looks like this.

The main block looks like this.

I'm trying to keep these patterns and projects simple and fun.  This one fits that.It was quite easy and I like the effect.  




Those giraffe scraps looked like this.

The giraffe fabric is so pretty in person - anyone who loves giraffes will love to have this one in their living room draped over a couch or on your lap while watching tv.  (It's not a bed size - pretty much a lap/couch size.)

I did write up the pattern here.  It is just a basic attic window pattern with the size blocks I needed.  I'm happy to share.  

Have a great day!