"Strings" project continued

I made some significant progress this past weekend with this project. If you have been around here the last few weeks, you know that I've been attempting to work with my strings on the weekends.  This is where I am so far.

Last week it was the size of a lap quilt, but now it is a large twin at 71"x88". The layout is 8x10  - I want it to be 10x10.

IMG_7747 sm name.jpg

I made up some "fabric" that I cut up to make these blocks.

Do not be deceived. They are lying on my living room rug - That biggest piece of "made fabric"  is about 36-40" long.

Do not be deceived. They are lying on my living room rug - That biggest piece of "made fabric"  is about 36-40" long.

This is what I did. These are rather large pieces.






I then cut them into 6.5" and 3.5" blocks. This is what I got. I had needed 27 - 6.5" blocks but when I counted them, I had 30!  And that's how you get too many blocks! 


Earlier in the week, I made up some more sashing blocks and cornerstones, as I knew as the top gets bigger, I needed to get ahead if I wanted to actually let my top grow on the weekend. So, as I did other things this past week, I made some - I just added them to what I had left in my baggies. Here is where I stood before I added a few rows to my top.

Before I make a final decision about the border, I need to add my other 20 blocks. I now have enough 6.5" string blocks made - just need to make some more sashing strips this week, so next weekend I can put the rest of the center of the top together. I'm still debating border or not I will use a regular border or just put an outer sashing/cornerstone row and call it enough.  I'll make that final decision next weekend.

After I get the layout to a 10x10 layout, I'll begin to think about starting the one I want to make using 3.5" squares that I've been making as I've made the bigger ones. I currently have 182 of those. Since I will put 4 together to make one block, obviously I need a lot of these tiny things to actually make a top! (I believe I need about 288 of them and that is only because my plan is to use an alternate block - or I'd need even more of them!)

So there you are! This is my update for this week regarding my strings project!

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