"Triangle Fancy"

OK, OK...it's TINY! (slight exaggeration, I realize!)

I do not usually make baby quilts, but  this one is just adorable. 

I made only this size because that's all I had to work with - those triangles, that is.--I had only 22 of them. I used to have more of that fabric, but I used it as a backing on another project and cut up all the scraps from that baking into 2" or 2.5" strips. I was kicking myself, that I couldn't scrounge up some more scraps, I'll have to admit. But I was so thorough back in Feb/March in cutting up those scraps from my quilts that I didn't leave any pieces big enough for me to make more triangles from.

I watched the video that Shabby Fabrics has on prairie points and that is what inspired me to put them on this one. Actually, I'm hoping to put them a couple of quilts I make. I really like them. I'll just need to do the research on how to put them around the outside edge.

Here's a close up. I just straight line quilted inside the triangles and did some stippling around the outside.

It's so bright and cheery - this one is going in my suitcase next time we had to the states - to be used as a gift or sold. It is just adorable!  

I've worked on the pattern and it is here.

And below are some novelty fabrics my sister has.  Be sure to check them out if you need novelty fabrics for your next project!