"Take a Break" top finished

When you begin a project- you often have an idea in mind - but sometimes it doesn't come out quite as grand and glorious as you hoped. This is one of those. 

I had seen this, (I thought I remembered it this way, anyway) and I liked it - unfortunately for me, I couldn't find it again to look at it and check my result with what I remembered.

I was going for a fresh, quiet, clean look with pretty colors.  Maybe quilting will help spice it up a bit. I'm considering something like cross hatching  or straight line quilting - lots of it!

It's really only made with 4.5" strips cut into lengths and separated by 4.5" squares. It's explained with pictures in the pattern.  I did write it up as a pattern, but it's more of a "How to" than a real pattern!

I'll keep you posted on how this one turns out after it is finished!

My sis has some bundled up fat quarters that might interest you! Feel free to look around!