"At the Aquarium" top finished

Another reasonably quick and fun top I finished - made from those fun "scrubs" scraps.  These were long and thinner pieces - thus the size of the "aquariums" in this quilt top.

Once again - as a challenge to myself, I'm using up some fabrics that my sis and I purchased that are already in some cut up shapes and I'm not talking 2.5" strips or 10" squares! These pieces all happen to be rectangular in shape.

I think this particular design would be super cool with a variety of fish fabric - fat quarters would be spectacular.  I also think you could put the name of your child or grandchild and put "Hazel's Aquarium" or "Emily's Aquarium" as the title instead of what I did with "At the Aquarium."

I did get the pattern for the applique letters here.  I can't redistribute them so you will to go here and get your own copy.  It is a free download and I do appreciate them! I've used this particular pattern several times now.

These are the pieces I had to start with. They are long and thin - and not really any particular regular size. But, you could get a fat quarter and make these aquariums out of these.

Just like at a real zoo or aquarium, there are descriptions written up beside the place where you observe, I put that simulated 3x5 card - and used "words" fabric there just for fun!  I had it, so why not?

I don't see why this wouldn't be perfect for anything like lizards or fish or small animals that are found in an aquarium type setting.  I think it could be cool. I know about the jar quilts - and those are neat - hope to make one someday, but this one was made specifically with my pieces in mind.

I found this piece of crackled fabric as the background at a thrift store a while ago - $3 for 3 yards.  :)  Can't beat that!

I've written up how I made this and it is here as a free download.

Have a fantastic day!

And my sister is coming home from her trip to Europe today (the 19th).  If you haven't checked out what she has in the shopping section, you should. There are some goodies there - and she has some interesting fat quarters - and they are usually only $1 or $1.25 each - and you don't have to leave the comfort of your home! Plus, shipping is only $5, no matter how big the order!  I'd love to have several orders to welcome her back.  She's been so busy being a tourist that she's hardly had any time at all to check out what's been happening on Facebook!



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