"Triangle Fancy" top finished

This is one of the scrubs fabrics tops I've made.  I had this very small pile of rough cut triangles - and I wanted to use them up in their own quilt.

They measured about 9.5" at the longest edge - so I decided to make a template that was 8.5" long on each edge of the triangle and cut them down (they were not even).

Then I counted what I had, came to the computer and figured out what would best work. This is all I could make with it. However, I am pleased.

I am trying to keep these scrubs tops reasonably simple and fun!  I think this one fits that description!

Because of its size, it must be a baby or toddler quilt, though. I suppose I could add more rounds of colorful fabric and make it into a twin size, but I think it would look strange. I'm out of the white as well as the printed, so I think I'll just let it be a baby quilt.

It's about 42"x50" at the moment.

Once again, when I have scrubs remnants, I am using working with a limited number and size. This is what I started with:  I had 22 of these. And that's all. I had no other coordinating fabric (I've used it all up!)

So I trimmed them down, added some colorful triangles and came up with the top shown above.

The white is actually the end of some fabric I bought as a duvet cover in Turkey back when we visited some friends at Christmas time a few years ago.

I'm working on the pattern- calling this one Triangle Fancy.  I hope someone might find it useful! I'll try to have it up by the end of Sat. in the free patterns section.  

Prairie Points are really quite easy!  Really.  I can't wait to use them again in another project!

Make sure you check out the goodies that my sis has for you!  She is back from her trip to Greece/italy.

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