"Granny's Selfies"

It's done!  I had it sandwiched and then basically buried in among some other backings and 2 other quilts that I need to finish up some embroidery on. I uncovered it two days and said, "Oh yes, I was wondering where that one was!"  And since it is one of my favorites I've designed so far, I wanted to see it as a finished quilt.

A little closer up

We've been having some windy weather. It was a bit nippy today but quite pretty!  Really. In fact, we had our doors open - but long sleeves on - it's not THAT warm (upper 66-ish).

I've already had the pattern available as a free download, but I did update the picture. The pattern is here.

And don't forget to check out all the goodies that my sister has for you! Be sure to check every section. There are some jewels to be found among these destash treasures!

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