"Classy Scraps" top finished

This is number 51 in my series of 2" strips - trying to use up my strips and scraps.

The top has been done for a while now. I had taken a hiatus from my scrap busting while I focused on charity quilting for a month or more.  I've gotten somewhat refreshed now and am ready to tame some more scraps. 

I haven't finished this top yet, however, and hope to finish it soon.  Remember when I went to Warsaw and met the lady who has a quilt shop in Warsaw? Well, I needed the gray for this top - both shades of it. The gray I have a lot of is quite light - almost so light it doesn't show up in contrast with white.

IMG_5166 sm name smaller.jpg

I think this design would look fantastic as a two color quilt - for example, using primarily blue scraps, combined with navy and a very light blue, and navy and a med. blue for the chain. Plus white, of course. The same with pinks, or reds.

It is made up of only two blocks - a chain block, and a scrappy block plus sashing. I am pleased with how it turned out.  Keep tuned as I hope to finish it soon. The pattern is here. Enjoy.

Oh, and my goal for the year with regards to 2" tops - 21 - and this is only number 9. So I've got some serious scrap busting to do!  Number 10 for the  year is in the works.

Oh yes - some of you love books.  Here are some that my sister has for you.

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