A quiet day

Today we had gorgeous weather. it was in the low to mid 70's F and sunny.  Rain was predicted and has arrived at the time of this writing. It should last for a couple of days.  We desperately need it so I'm not going to complain.

I'm not sure exactly where the day went, but it's gone. 

I didn't feel like I got a lot done on any one thing. BUT

  • I did take those charity quilts to the church building - just to get them out of my living room.

I currently have 99 charity quilts ready to distribute. I had wanted to have 120-130 before I did a give away, but I think I'll settle for 10 more. Of course, I know you all like to see pictures of a BUNCH of quilts all together...so here are 99 (I think...I only counted once...certainly wouldn't bet my life on that number being accurate).

  • I did a couple other small things, like sandwich this quilt top. This one took quite a bit longer because I was using scraps of poly batting - not tiny scraps, but smaller pieces, so it took longer than most of the tops this size take me. I'll try to get one more out of the poly batting scraps I have before I head for the store and buy another roll.

But isn't this panel cute?  I think my sister, Rachael, uncovered it when she sorted stuff last summer, because I found a group of about 6 panels. They are quick to turn into charity quilts.

I thought this one was especially nice.  I added the red, checkerboard and blue, of course, to make it the size I need. You should see it better, later, after I get it finished.

  • I did finish up a scrubs top - will show it hopefully, soon. Theme: giraffes.
  • I also did some (not a lot) piecing for two other quilt tops. I should have quilted, but didn't feel like tackling that task today.
  • I cut out some more rectangles for 3 more "men" charity quilts.  They are the hardest for me to make as I'd rather make something pretty!  But I am making one that looks sort of like a stained glass window - a simple design, but with solids framed with black - and no pinks. I am putting a coral in it, though! :) It'll be something like this. Those blocks are 10"x12" finished. I am putting 2 different greens, 3 different blues, 1 purple, 1 orange, 1 red, 1 coral, 1 yellow - anyway, 10 different colors and I'll use 3 of each color. They should go together quickly. I'll just laugh (to myself) if women or girls choose them.
  • I took quite a few pictures of my next 2" strips quilt. I pushed to finish it before the weather turned bad and I couldn't get any outside pictures.  But the pattern isn't written yet, so I'll have to work on that as well.

So, I guess I did do some things related to quilting after all.   It just didn't feel like a very productive day. I spent too much time on the computer staring at "April the giraffe".

I hope your day is fantastic, rain or shine - stormy or calm!

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