April strips report

Oh...I fell off the wagon here.  

I barely did anything this month in this area. (Hanging head)

So I buckled down and cut up a few strips. 

If you've been reading here for a couple of months, these totals will make you laugh.

This means my totals  for scraps cut into strips for the year 2017 - 

2.5" - 45.7 lbs. of strips

2" - 109.5 lbs. of strips

1.5" - 20.4 lbs.of strips 

Thankfully I don't have that many scraps anymore that need to be cut up, but I am creating more as I finish charity quilts, so it is imperative for me to not let them collect again. So, I'll dig down and cut again - 15 min. a day (average) in May unless I catch completely up! That would be a nice feeling.

All of these scraps that were cut up were because of trimming charity quilts before binding.

Have a wonderful day!  I'll do my best to have a better report at the end of May!

Make sure you check out what goodies my sister has for you.  If you've not checked out the blenders page, make sure you do! She's got some beautiful stuff there!