Cultural: May 3 - Constitution Day

This is a repost of a previous written cultural post.

We have another holiday on May 3!  It's Constitution Day - celebrating the first constitution of Poland which was established in 1791. 

This day, politically, is as important to the Polish people as July 4 is to Americans.

Because it falls in close proximity to May 1, Labor Day, Polish people, often tie together the two holidays by taking a vacation day in between. When the days fall, as this year's did on Monday and Wednesday, it means that people could take off on Friday afternoon and come back Wed. afternoon and by able to take several days off. Schools are all "off" on May 2.

So how do they celebrate it?  

Practically speaking - by staying at home as all stores are closed, and having a grill, or bike riding, or taking a walk - depending on the weather. It's a very "low stress/low key" day.  Of course, in cities, there are parades - but we tend to stay away from all things political, so I've never gone into downtown Warsaw to watch one.

If you are intrigued by this historical day, here's the Wikipedia article about it.

We all have our flags out and the towns have flags lining the sidewalks and light poles.

And that's all for today!

Have a great one!



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