"Framed" top

Scrubs scraps top number 7 is finished. Once again...super simple. I'm calling it "Framed."

It is so simple, you don't need a pattern for it. Really. However, I did work up an instruction sheet just in case some of you are unsure of the measurements I used and want to see.

This is what I started with - I had just a few of these strips:

I didn't have that many pieces but I thought the print was just adorable, so I thought...I want to use it....now.

Then I thought, I want something simple.

What's more simple than a framed square?

Answer: Almost nothing except a simple square.

So, I decided to frame the square and put a white sashing around it and a piano key border to spice it up a bit and make it wider. I used the pieces I had - didn't have any more (except the one piece I took a picture of and you see here that is circled). And I called it good. It makes a small but perfect size quilt for a 3 or 4 year old.

When I go to make one of these scrubs quilts, I let the fabric "tell me" what to make. (That's why so many aren't done - I've not been told yet! :) LOL) It's not mysterious at all - it is like opening your fridge and saying, "What shall we eat tonight?" - determining only to use what you have already in the house. And then the story of "Stone soup" comes into play.  Start with the stone, i.e. the scrubs fabric, determined by the shape I get - and see what I can come up with by adding whatever else I can find around me.

So, After I chose that fabric, I did find coordinating bright prints in my healthy sized stash - and made this simple, but effective quilt top.

I am hoping to get this quilted today - have had the top done for a couple of weeks anyway and want to get it in my pile of "done" quilts.  And no, the order of those colors was supposed to be random. Unfortunately when you only have 4 colors of frames, "random" isn't very random.

Oh, and my sister keeps adding to the site--the shopping part.  She's working like a mad woman because they are going on another trip pretty soon and she wanted to get a bunch of new stuff up for you all to order!

If you've not checked out the shopping part, make sure you do. She is adding blenders and other interesting stuff as fast as she can.

Frankly, I don't know how she can sell it....it's a good thing I'm not in Florida!

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