"Window View" top

Scrubs top number 6 is finished.  

This is the second giraffe quilt top I've made from my giraffe scrubs leftovers.

My goal with these scrubs tops is to keep them quite simple, and FUN.


First of all, they are either gorgeous, cute, or interesting prints.

Second, they are wonderful quality!

The ones that aren't prints are blenders and wonderful colors. The challenge is the shape.

These pieces were long and relatively skinny. I made one already from these pieces, but wanted to get two more. This is the second one.

The quilt top isn't quilted yet, but the pattern/guide/instruction sheet is here for you to use if you wish.


Have a wonderful day!



My sister has been knocking herself out to add things to the site almost daily.  Be sure to browse around if you are in need of some fabric!

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