"Blades of Color"

Finished.  Number 48 in my series of using up my 2" strips. I had the top made but went ahead and quilted it. I just got the pictures taken.

I like the top - quite a lot. I am not so pleased with my quilting.  I am not going to go so far as to say "I ruined" the top as I read one long arm quilter who wrote in her blog about people "ruining" their quilt top with simple quilting"  - talk about giving non confident quilters a slap, BUT I wish I had done an all over design.

But no, I'm not going to take it all out and redo it. I'm keeping it just as it is. It is all part of my "quilting journey" - poor choices, mistakes and all.

I chose to do straight line quilting directly through the middle of the blades area, something different on the outer border and then I straight line quilted around the HST border.  That part I'm pleased with.

I used the rest of the 9 yards of wool batting that I bought on Amazon (because Deal Chasing Diva mentioned this deal - I appreciate her, BTW - be sure to check out and like her page to see the deals!)  that my nephew Peter brought me when he came in February.

But overall, it was a learning experience for me.  I wanted to do this one with straight lines just to see how it would turn out. Now I know! 

This time I purposely went out when there was enough wind to blow it around.  I was trying for an interesting shot!

I updated the pattern with the new picture.  Enjoy!

Be sure to check and see what goodies my sister might have that you can use! We are trying to keep quilting "affordable".  Obviously we can't help everyone, but if we can, we want to help you - me, by giving you good (hopefully!) ideas for using your scraps and my sis by providing inexpensive fabrics/materials that she has found as quilters "destash". Check it out!

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