"Triple the Fun"

It's all finished.

This is number 5 in my series of using my leftover pieces of fabric that made its way to me in various strange shapes. They were apparently leftover from someone who manufactureed scrubs, and they are beautiful and fun!

These pieces were rather large, which made it easy to get nice big pieces out of it. This is nice because giraffes are rather large animals and I didn't want o cut off many heads.

I did a simple all over stippling. 





Because I needed it taller than wide, I went ahead and added extra things to the top and bottom to make it taller/longer.







And you can see that I was struggling with the wind during the picture taking phase of this quilt.

The pattern sheet is located here. I will work on it some more to improve it, but at least it tells you what I did. 

Becky Petersen2 Comments