"Simple Irish Chain"

Another in my series of 100% upcycled quilts. I actually came across the top in a drawer. I made the top the year I began working on my 100% upcycled quilts and never finished it.

If I remember right, the pink was a set of curtains - or else a smallish duvet cover - but I think it was curtains. The whites were duvet covers or sheets - I can't remember at this point in time.

It's a simple Single Irish Chain. I loved the pink and the whites...you can actually tell that I used two different whites in this quilt.  It is a little more obvious outside than inside while lying on my table, though you can tell there as well.  I'd feel badly about that, but when you are making "upcycled quilts", you take these things as gifts - it provides variety and shows that in spite of imperfections due to limited quantities, you can still make something beautiful.

As you can see, I pieced the back.  They are also recycled materials from our local second hand shop.








A close up of the quilting. It was also simple - though not quick. I straight line quilted it using the edges of the blocks as the guide. I put the quilt on the diagonal and "went". Someone who is more of a perfectionist than I am would probably use a marker or tape.  I do pretty much whatever I can to just finish up the quilting part of the " quilt journey" as I love the piecing part but only tolerate the quilting part.   I'm getting better at it though - at least my attitude is.

From this angle you can tell that I have two slightly different shades of white.





These days the wind is an issue when taking pictures. I actually hung this one out when it was wet - so it did dry outside. Mostly I let them dry in the house and just hang them out for pictures.


I did write up the pattern for this, even though a Single Irish Chain can be found in various places on the 'net.  It was the first pattern I fell in love with when I started quilting. I liked how such a simple thing as a 9 patch plus a plain block formed a pattern.

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