"Ice Cube Prisms"

Number 46 top in my 2" series finished!

I was thinking this was going to just go together very quickly.  Alas...I guess some would consider it quick..but for me, it seemed to take forever!  (All week!)

Here's a close up of the main block - simply a scrappy block using all types of scraps. My main rules were 2 - 1. Try to keep white away from the edge of the block (because of the cream colored fabric on the  sashing edge) and 2. Don't put identical squares next to each other.

I did put the pattern in the free patterns section so you can download it.


I'm doing my best to get these 2" strips and squares whittled down. (I hear you laughing all the way here in Poland!)

 Of course, if you've been reading my other posts, you also realize I'm trying to tame those scraps once and for all - so it is a vicious cycle. 

I'll try to get this one quilted before too long.  But in the meantime... happy quilting.