Sometimes people give me quilt tops to finish. I am so grateful to them when they do because it helps me reach my goal of trying to finish an average of 10 quilts a month for charity.  

Yesterday I received another box - from a friend in AZ, USA.  Thanks so much!

She has started making me double size as I requested that. I still have plenty of baby size that this wonderful lady has given me to give away.  As the larger ones are hard for her to actually quilt, I told her that if she would just make the tops, I would finish them up - and it saves me a lot of time - PLUS provides variety in the quilts that I can give away.

So, thanks FRAN!  I dont' think she does that much on the internet, so I doubt she'll see this, but I do appreciate her!

PLUS, she gave me 3 backings! What a bonus!

Have a wonderful quilting day.  I'm hoping to get a top finished up today, so, happy quilting!